Need Long-Term Disability Benefits? 4 Steps To Help You Through The Application Process

If you have a condition that prevents you from working, and you've decided to apply for long-term disability, take the right steps to secure your benefits. The application for long-term disability is a long process — one that can result in mistakes if you're not careful. To help you avoid problems, here are some tips you should follow as you navigate through the application process.

Seek Professional Legal Advice

If you're going to be applying for long-term disability benefits, the first thing you want to do is seek professional advice. Mistakes during the application process can cause serious problems for you. In fact, those mistakes can result in a denial of benefits. During your consultation with an attorney, you can ask questions that will help you avoid those mistakes. Not only that, but if your application is denied, your early consultation will ensure that you're prepared with legal representation.

Talk to Your Medical Care Providers

If you've decided to apply for long-term disability benefits, sit down and talk to your medical care providers. If you're under the care of multiple healthcare providers, it's important that you speak to each of them, especially if they've seen you for your current condition. Make sure that they're aware of your attempt to obtain long-term disability benefits. That way, they're prepared to provide the most accurate information when the insurance company contacts them. 

Request All Communication in Writing

If you're applying for long-term disability benefits, the insurance company will want to obtain as much information about your condition as possible. In most cases, they'll provide written requests for documentation. However, there may be times when they attempt to ask questions over the phone. Unfortunately, telephone communications provide no form of a paper trail, which can undermine your application process. To make sure that you have documentation of every request submitted by the insurance company, be sure to request that all requests be submitted in writing.

Document All Changes to Your Condition

If you've applied for long-term disability, you may think that you can stop documenting your medical condition. However, that's not actually the case. Changes to your condition may affect your application for benefits, especially if your condition worsens. To ensure that you receive the benefits you're entitled to, continue to document all changes to your condition. Provide that information to your medical care providers during each appointment. That way, they can document those changes in your medical records.

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